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Meet the Team

The project team directly involved in the proposed Gort Uí Rathaile Wind Farm includes a dedicated in-house team that works with an engineering consultant, complemented by FuturEnergy Ireland specialists in areas such as grid, stakeholder management, ecology and planning.

Brendan Twomey

Community Liaison Officer

Brendan enjoys working with people and brings many years of experience across different business sectors to his role as Community Liaison Officer in his native Cork.

Shane Lowry

Shane Lowry

Stakeholder Manager

Shane brings many years of service experience across different sectors to his role. From his experience as a Community Liaison Officer and in his present role, he feels strongly that individuals and communities should be continually kept up to date on a local project and have ease of access in contacting the project team.

David Heelan

Project Manager

David has worked in the renewables and industrial production sectors throughout Ireland and the UK since 2008 with a more recent focus on asset management and performance optimisation. He believes that our work will deliver tangible benefits to the Irish energy sector and directly reduce the country’s reliance on imported and expensive fossil fuels.

Garry Brides

Garry Brides

Assistant Project Manager

Garry has extensive experience in the development, construction and acquisition phases of large-scale energy projects from onshore wind to open cycle gas turbines. He has broad knowledge of the complexities involved and understands the importance of meeting the different stakeholder requirements throughout the project lifecycle.